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Hi, I’m Chase… hmmmm no wait!  This would sound waaaaay more fancy if I speak about myself in 3rd person -gonna try this again -ahem…

Chase, a humble yet amazing master of many creative skills started from humble beginnings in…wait, crap I said humble too many times, people aren’t going to believe I’m humble.  Maaaan I already messed up my 3rd person narration.  Fuck.  Shit that wasn’t very professional either.  Okay, ya know what,  I’m just going to forego the fancy intro, just never mind.

Jack of All Trades; Master of... some ...kinda ...a little bit, maybe?

I do what I love doing and don’t care if I’m not the best at it. I constantly try to learn and improve but really I just love creating and am happy doing so even when it’s sloppy or not my best work.   I use a lot of different tools and software but some of my absolute favorites are…

  • Photoshop, Infinite Painter
  • Nano Studio, FL Studio, NI, ESP, Korg, Tsugi
  • Game Maker Studio 2
  • Pyxel Edit, Aseprite
  • Toon Boom
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About Me

Chase of Bass
I love creating art, music and video games and sometimes silly comics and cartoons.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Name?

Once upon a time some of my best friends and I gave each other cheesy pop icon based names for each other.  Shortly before my best friend died, him and another one of my best friends would get drunk and put like 20 bucks in the jukeboxes at bars and yell, “Chase of Base!” and force the whole bar to listen to old Ace of Base songs for like an hour.  Brutal.  Anyway, I like making Bass heavy music and the name amused me so I went with it: Chase of Bass, it’s a cheesy, stupid awesome name from 3 of my favorite bros.

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