Farmula Grain Prix

Originally created for Ludum Dare 52 -I'm humbled and proud to say it took 8th place in the Jam!  I'm still having an awesome time working on this game right now and experimenting with different additions and modes.  I had to take a break but more updates will be coming again soon I have a lot planned for this one! 

Play it now on

Thank you, Streamers!

I really enjoy watching people play my games -it's really fun to watch the different ways people play -especially when there is hilarious commentary -plus it also helps me find bugs and improve my games!  A big thank you for all the people who have made game play videos of my games and thank you all for the awesome support!!

If you have a video of one of my games feel free to send me a link to it to let me know! 

Playlist of people playing my games

Zombie Pro Cleaner

Zombie cleaning action with a dash of THPS.  Crazy action, combos, and a checklist.  Be employee of the month and get that bonus!

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9th Place

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Mini Jam 81: Kaiju

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Mini Jam 82: Doodle

IIVOX & Witch Hazel

It's been a while since I've worked on either of these projects -both are collaborations with some very talented, awesome people.  I will try to keep these pages updated if anything new happens with either of them! (Pages currently being rebuilt)