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…of Bass


Hi, I’m Chase… shit, this would sound more fancy if I pretend I’m not me and speak in 3rd person -gonna try this again…

Ahem, Chase -a humble yet amazing master of many trades came from humble…shit I already said humble. Ehhh… Fuck it.  You don’t care and I don’t care.  Never mind.

About Me

Name: Chase Arnold
Location: Illinois / USA

I love creating art, music and video games and sometimes silly comics and cartoons.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Name?

  Back in the late 90’s, I called one of my best friends, Jon Paul: Jon Paula Abdul, after the pop diva -for which he attacked me with a broom.  We found other cheesy pop icon based names for each other: Mike Turner, Elton Johnny, and of course: Chase of Base.  Shortly before my best friend Mike died a few years ago, Mike and Johnny would get drunk and put like 20 bucks in the jukeboxes at bars and yell, “Chase of Base!” and force the whole bar to listen to old Ace of Base songs for like an hour.  Brutal.  Anyway, I like making Bass heavy music so Chase of Bass, it’s a cheesy, stupid awesome name from 3 of my favorite bros.

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  Chase of Bass


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Jack of All Trades; Master of... some ...kinda ...a little bit, maybe?

I do what I love doing and don’t care if I’m not the best at it. I constantly try to learn and improve but really I just love creating and am happy doing so even when it’s not the best or most skilled nor impressive stuff.  I mean sometimes I try to do impressive work but ugh…  I use a lot of different tools and software but some of my absolute favorites are…

  • Photoshop
  • Logic Pro X, NI, ESP, Korg IMS-20
  • Game Maker Studio
  • Toon Boom
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