Why the name?

Chase of Bass

So, I've gotten asked this one so many times -one time I called one of my best friends Jon Paul: Jon Paula Abdul -after which, he attacked me with a broom and countered with Chase of Base -I didn't like that at all. xD  Over time my best friends and I all threw these cheesy pop icon based names at each other. Shortly before my one of my very best friends died, him and another one of my best friends would get drunk and go to all these bars and

put like 20 bucks in the jukeboxes and yell, "Chase of Base!" and basically force everyone in the whole bar to listen to old Ace of Base songs for like a solid hour. Brutal. Anyway, I found it all hilarious and loving making a lot of bass focused music so I swapped 'base' to 'bass' and went with it: Chase of Bass -it's a cheesy, stupid awesome name from 3 of my favorite bros because I was too lazy to think of a better name.

Music and Sound Design

My musical tastes are all over the place a lot.  Some of my favorite musical genres are Death Metal, Rap, Hip hop, Funk, Disco, House, EDM, Dubstep, chiptunes and of course Hard Bass. xD   I love making music and doing sound design too!  Here are some of the tools I use often:

DAWS: FL Studio and Nanostudio (and Sonic Foundry Acid RIP)

SFX: BFXR,  Tsugi, Lab Chirp

INSTRUMENTS: Keyboard, Drumpads, Guitar, Bass

Game Dev

Since I was 5 years old I knew I wanted to make video games -it was always the thing I hoped and dreamed of doing one day. When I graduated high school there were only like two college options for game design and they were waaay too expensive for me. I got a book on c programming and tried to learn that way but was too stupid to understand it. Tutorials were hard to find but fortunately I found Game Maker and it took me a long time of messing around but I started figuring things out and after years of leveling up have made my game design dreams come true!


Pixel art: Pyxel edit & Aseprite

3D: Blender, Magicavoxel

Artsy Stuff

I've always made art since I can remember.  Always preferred working with pencils and pens on paper.  Have drawn dark humored comics for a loooong time now and occasionally love to cartoon too and am hoping to finally release some of them sometimes when I have the free time.

Digital painting: Photoshop + Wacom or Ipad + Infinite Painter.

Cartooning: Toon Boom

Comics: Clip studio