Rain Dance

Rain Dance

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Rain dance was created for a Windows Phone Contest back in 2013. Made with GM Studio and Toonboom Animate.

Because it was originally made for phones I was trying to come up with something very simple at the time for on screen controls -in this case single button gameplay.  It’s kind of a simple but weird game where you have to catch clouds with a balloon to create rain.  Catching gold clouds and bags of gold gets you coins to buy upgrades and unlock new levels.

I tried to make the first few levels simple with a gentle difficulty ramp that might have been too gentle retrospectively.

The other part of the game is using beating worlds by strategically choosing farms, houses, and forests in place next to each other to get multiplier bonuses to maximize your score for the island.

Far from my greatest game but I am proud of it and my favorite part of it is probably the sound track for everything but the levels.  I was running short on time as the contest was coming to a close and didn’t have time to make the actual gameplay (farm and forest) levels much more than a quick simple loops.