The sequel to the original iivox brings a whole world of new content, characters and fresh game play mechanics to the original.

So much so, in fact, that Asaf and I decided it was necessary to go back and redo the original to bring it up to the quality and charm that iivox heroes evolved into since the original android original that Asaf had created by himself. I saw something awesome in his game, his ideas, and style of gameplay, and did the art for the android version.

After it’s release I approached him about a sequel that brought new mechanics to the table in the form of heroes -such as iicevox who freezes water to make bridges, or lavavox who burns stuff, etc etc and sent him a prototype and he loved it!

IIVOX HEROES was born!

Asaf has been amazing to work with! He is creative and hilarious and overall just a great co-developer!

This project has been so fun (a ton of work -but still fun!) and an awesome experience! It still has a long way to go as our ‘quick’ remake of the original turned into another year+ of work -but it has evolved so much from the original and even heroes that we are happy we decided to pause development on heroes and take the time to create a solid foundation for iivox as a potential series.

A big part of the game is the world around iivox. The characters and situations lend themselves to our silent, simple box-like friend.

As we are getting close to being finished with with the iivox remake we will resume working on heroes -stay tuned for more updates!

And even since we started it it has come such a long way!

Check out this early footage before I overhauled the first graphic overhaul:

This was before we switched to a more 3d looking overhead perspective. The addition of that depth was no small thing and required a great deal of reworking to nearly all of the art and the entire engine -which I had to rewrite agaaaaain. We debated if it was going to be worth it at the time, looking back I’m really glad we did as it carried over beautifully to the remake of the original.

The same level at the beginning of the old level video with the graphical update:


Chase of Bass

Co-developer, Art, Music

Asaf Englander

Co-developer, Level Design


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