A more recent digital painting here with a it's own odd little story hidden within.

Sometimes I just like scribbling on the canvas and turning those existing scribbles into something more -it's really fun to let it turn into whatever comes out.  I've long had the tendency to make a lot of darker surreal art.  Surrealism has always fascinated me -something I was immediately drawn to (pun!)  Two of my favorite artists are Salvador Dali and H.R. Geiger. 

The tools I use are adobe photoshop with my trusty wacom stylus on pc or infinite painter on an ipad -which I really enjoy. My work is by no means perfect and most professional artists could probably look at my work and find a million faults with it but I kind of have just went my own path and evolved my styles on my own



Sometimes I record the process of making these paintings.  Kind of fun to watch but I probably need to speed them up more so they aren't too boring -but if you are interested in that then here ya go!

Thanks for checking out my art!

I have a few pieces in various states of completion that I work on from time to time -so more to come -check back sometime if ya feel like it. 

Occasionally, I will post a bit of art on my twitter that doesn't make the cut sometimes so you can find more there sometimes among all my other crap if you are interested.