This is a full remake and re-imagining of the original iivox for android!

It’s actually a lot of fun to look back at the original android one and see how far it’s all come since then!

Here’s the trailer to the original if you are curious:

I tried to really step up the art for this game with small scenes like the one below to highlight moments in each world for the end of level sequence when a sector is completed.

Here’s a small making of art video for the Crazy Lava King:

The Crazy Lava King was a joke started by Asaf that became a long running joke on our updates and eventually:

Stay tuned -more info and release date coming soon!…ish

There have been a lot of crazy moments in this game and great memories made along the way!


Chase of Bass

Co-developer, Art, Music

Asaf Englander

Co-developer, Level Design


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