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Deep Thoughts

Sometimes you just gotta philosophize.

Discover Thoughts That R 2Deep Brah

Project Highlights


The power of friendship
The upcoming sequel to IIVOX

Witch Hazel

A spellbinding adventure!
The strange story of a witch


Rebuilt from the ground up
This remake is almost it’s own sequel

Stevie P's Magical Adventure

They needed a hero, instead they got stevie
Full length animated movie!

Coming Soon

Zombie Pro Cleaner 100%
King for A Knight 90%
Wrenchform 70%
Snacky Frog Remix 35%
Pixel Jam Band: Tour 20%
Yield 40%
Tower of Fire and Dice 55%

Clean zombies like a PRO!

What happens when you mix 2d platforming, tricks and high scores with cleaning up zombies?  A sparkling clean weird game that’s what!

  • New Custom Outfits and Accessories!
  • New Levels!
  • New Banging Soundtrack!
  • New Goals!
Try the Demo (jam version)